Stavian Group is honored as one of the "Best companies to work for in Asia"

On August 11, 2022, Stavian Group was honored as one of the "Best companies to work for in Asia 2022" by HR Asia, the leading human resources magazine Asia.

Since its establishment, Stavian Group has always focused on both business development and human development. The Group’s motto has always been: "People are the core value of a strong and successful brand". Stavian Group also develops its working environment following the DEI model (Diversity - Equity - Inclusion). Additionally, Stavian’s employees receive one of the best welfare and remuneration policies by the Vietnam Labor Law. Accordingly, employees’ welfare is divided into 6 packages from basic to advanced. This benefit is not only for each employee but also for their family, in terms of financial welfare as well as healthcare program. All to ensure the most convenient and ideal workplace for the Group’s employees.

Mr. Tony Dinh – Chairman of Stavian Group shared at the event: "Stavian Group always tries our best to balance between human factor, the core of any business, and objective business factors. We aim to develop a comprehensive workplace where all employee can bring out their full potential. As a multi-industry and multinational corporation, Stavian Group will continue our sustainable development, creating job opportunities and ensuring a high income for employees, bringing benefits to shareholders and investors, contributing to socio-economic development and the community, and actively participating in environmental protection.”

Dinh Duc Thang

It is the five core values: Ownership – Devotion – Ingenuity – Integrity – Internationality and the encouragement for learning that have helped Stavian Group become a professional working environment where everyone has the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. Considering people as the core factor of business and aiming to develop human resource sustainably, along with its welfare and remuneration policies, Stavian Group also actively implement training activities and corporate culture training for employees to ensure that they are fully equipped with the most updated knowledge and skills for their career roadmap. This is also one of the characteristics that HR Asia highly appreciates about Stavian Group during the judging process.

Being recognized as one of the "Best companies to work for in Asia 2022" indicates that Stavian Group has succeeded in developing its corporate culture, outstanding human resource management policies, attractive remuneration, and high employee engagement.