HR Strategy

As from 2021, our HR strategy is launched as "Stavian - Happy Human Resources". Based on Stavian's vision, mission and 5 core values, a strategic action plan was created to re-define Human Resources into Happy Relationships.

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Opportunities to work in Vietnam and across the globe. In fact, our employment opportunities are available in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Competitive and transparent remuneration package

In addition to year-round internal training, the company have special policy to pay up to 80% fee of external courses, even the MBA. High level managers have direct training sessions from our Chairman.

Attractive policies and packages to foster both short and long term goals of employees, including Stavian Basic, Stavian Reward, Stavian Career, Stavian Care, Stavian Family, Stavian Plus.

We take a good care of our employees and their families with meaningful programs such as: Parents Day, Promoting Education Day and other supporting policies.

We provide a fair and equal working environment for all employees with many supportive policies for pregnant mothers and young children. We have increased benefits for employees who make long-term contributions to the business as well as retired employees.